The Incident

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Dear Bloggary:

Beach! Waves! Fun! …Until the incident.

Mark, (husband) Stephie (daughter) and I decided to go to the beach, today….Well, I decided to go to the beach today, whether they stayed home or came with me was irrelevant, but they came, as well. The forecast said possibility of thunder showers later, so I wanted to get there as soon as possible.

Those dark clouds we drove towards began to piss me off.  I’m not above swimming in the rain, but my better half would belly-ache. Imagine. Complaining about getting rained on when you’re already in the water? He’s such a wet blanket. Actually, that’s probably what he would complain about…the wet blanket on the beach he would have to sit on, while I spend a couple of hours in the water. (He gets cold quickly. I swear he has no blood.)

So, instead of going to Melmerby Beach (my favorite) where the waves are beautiful, I opted for Caribou Beach because it was a little closer. (Optimum beach time before the rain and Mark’s insistence that we leave.)

Imagine my elation, Dear Bloggary, when Caribou had waves! Of course, then I was disappointed that I hadn’t gone to Melmerby. If there were waves here, imagine what they must be like at The Merb! (Sheesh, am I never satisfied?) Stephie and I played in the waves like little kids, throwing seaweed on each other and gathering sand where sand should not go. We had a blast, while Mark sat on the beach. His loss.

Oh, yeah…there was this incident.

Mark did go in for a little swim, and he was having a good time splashing and bouncing in the waves. But the water was churned up, and it was cloudy, so the water was sandy and dark. (And I didn’t have my glasses.) Mark dove under the water and I couldn’t see where he was, and, obviously, he couldn’t see either. WHAM! His head hit my sternum like a battering ram.  I was sore, Dear Bloggary, but at least my neck didn’t accordion like Mark’s. Poor Mark. That was it for him. Back to the beach. I’ll probably never get him to the beach again this summer.

But on the bright side, it didn’t rain…except on Mark’s parade.

That’s it for now, Dear Bloggary.




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