Miss Me Last Night?

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Dear Bloggary:

Did you miss me last night? Well, nothing much happened yesterday, except that the heavens opened up and threw buckets of water at me. I know they were aiming directly at me, they had to be because they succeed in soaking me through to the skin, just running from work to my car. (Well, of course I didn’t were a jacket or bring an umbrella, Dear Bloggary, it wasn’t raining when I left for work. Sheesh.)

Oh, yeah, and Mark bought an old clunker of a truck, so we’re a two vehicle family, once again. (Guess who’s not driving the clunker?) Let’s hope he gets at least a year out of ‘er.

I was also talking to a guy from Vermont, yesterday. He and his party of four were on their way back home after a visit to our fair province. His eyes were wide with appreciation when he talked about their trip around the Cabot Trail. He said, “I’ve never seen anything so beautiful.” I had to agree, Cape Breton is gorgeous.  The day before, a man from Connecticut said I was lucky to live in such a beautiful province and that he could see himself living here. I smiled and thanked him, as if I were personally responsible for sculpting the highlands and sprinkling the sand on the beaches. (Well done, prehistoric glaciers!) I love my Nova Scotia home.

I guess a few things happened yesterday, but not much to report on today, Dear Bloggary, Except that I’m falling down tired, (got the bruised knees to prove it.)  I shouldn’t be. Training a new girl at work, and what good is having a new girl if you don’t let her do all the work? Anyway, I should get to bed before I fall asleep on my laptop and the drool from the corner of my mouth drips into it, shorting it out and starting a fire, burning my house to the ground, killing me in the process… Yeah, that could happen. So that’s it for now, Dear (yawn) Bloggary. Good night.




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