Would You Care For A Drink?

Saturday, August 18th. 2012

Dear Bloggary:

Well, we had some excitement at the liquor store today. No, Dear Bloggary, It wasn’t an unruly drunk, angry that he was not being permitted to further abuse his liver, or a kid cursing and stomping out like the child he is, because he was asked for ID. It was nothing nearly so much fun.

A man with a shopping cart ran into a glass shelf displaying local wines. I don’t know if he has something against local wines, or the wine was afraid of him, but they all jumped. One bottle fell and, just like dominos, others started crashing down. Although loud, it was really quite a lovely tinkling sound. And the acoustics were beautiful in that little shop.

Glass flew from one side of the room to the other, and it just so happened that the sliding doors into the cooler opened at that exact moment, so it filled the cooler as well.  And what a bouquet! All those different wines converged into one, unintentional, Franken-grape variety . I told one of the customers that if he liked wine he was welcome to slurp it off the floor. I even offered him a free straw. (Yes, Dear Bloggary, I knew him. I wouldn’t offer just anyone a free straw.)

So, it was quite the mess, and it smelled like someone had a three day bender in there for a while, but what can you do? No use crying over spilt wine. Right?

That’s all the excitement for today, Dear Bloggary.



P.S. Apparently, it’s not that muggy here. A man from Georgia said this was comfortable weather. It’s all about perspective.


One thought on “Would You Care For A Drink?

  1. I forgot how much I love the sound of shattered glass, how every shard sings. Thanks for reminding me. 🙂 Also, totally hilarious about the straw!


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