Eat It And Weep

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Dear Bloggary:

Well wasn’t I just a ray of sunshine yesterday? Oh, well, some days shit happens…and you step in it. Wait, Dear Bloggary, didn’t I discus poop in my first entry? I’m obsessed. You’d think I had Intestinal issues…wait, I do. Sorry if it’s TMI, Dear Bloggary, but IBD is a part of my everyday life. If I really wanted to gross you out, I could. But I’ll go easy on you, and just say that having ulcerative colitis is crappy!…See what I did there? (Hehehe)

On a completely different note, I made hodge podge for supper. (You were hungry after that last paragraph, weren’t you, Dear Bloggary?) Anyway, I hadn’t had it before and didn’t really know what it was, but I kept hearing people say they were going to make it. I was sure it was going to be some complicated recipe that I would end up making taste like dog…food. (No, I wasn’t going to go there again, Dear Bloggary. Shame on you.) I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was just vegetables and cream sauce. Even I couldn’t screw that up. And it turned out to be delicious! Even Mark liked it. (His mother has never made it, so he couldn’t tell me hers was better. Ha!)

Unfortunately, I tried to replicate the gluten free blueberry cake we made in cooking class last week, and it fell like…let’s see. Have you ever seen a demolition demonstration where they place explosives in strategic areas, and the old building falls straight down? Yeah. It was nice and fluffy-looking in the oven, but it was still gooey in the middle and on the bottom. It was already pretty brown on the top, so I stuck it in the microwave to see if I could cook the middle. (What? The chef never told us not to do that.) So I now have a big, blueberry pancake…that’s still gooey on the bottom. Oh, well, I’m not proud, I’ll still eat it. Maybe no one else will, but that just means all the more for me. Right? Truth be told, my husband just laughed at it, so I’ll eat the whole damn thing out of spite. That’ll show ‘im!

Oooooh, my poor guts….

That’s about it for tonight, Dear Bloggary. Good night.




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