Day Trippin’

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Dear Bloggary:

It was another beach day! Or rather a driving day with intermittent bouts of swimming.

Instead of one of our usual haunts, we (Stephie and I) headed off toward Northport. We had a vague idea how to get there, but with no map, or GPS – it was in the truck (clunker) with Mark (No, Dear Bloggary, not because Mark needed directions anywhere, but because this great new find of his – above mentioned clunker – has a broken speedometer, and it was the only way to tell his speed.) – it was by guess and by golly. And, by golly, guess what happened? Yeah.

An hour and a half into our supposed hour long trip, we figured we made a wrong turn. We found a beach alright, but not the one we were aiming for. (You know how some people claim to be able to find water by using divining rods? Well, apparently, I’m a rod…for finding beaches.) We were going to swim there, but decided to persevere.

We turned around, (Yes, Dear Bloggary, we were going in the wrong direction.) and two hours into the drive, (we did stop for food) we finally found our destination.

That should have been it, Dear Bloggary, but Stephie says, “Amherst Shore Provincial Park Campground is just up the road, let’s go there instead.” (Her goal is to visit every Provincial park in the province.) So we did. Unfortunately, Amherst Shore Provincial Park Campground does not have a beach. Soooo, back to Northport.

The water was warm, but full of, what I call sea snot. (No, Dear Bloggary, not from whales or dolphins with colds.) It’s small clumps of fuzzy green seaweed that floats around the surface of the water. We swam there for a while, then decide to see what Heather Beach was like. So down the road we go.

Better beach, no sea snot, a little colder.

By this time, it was getting late, and I had ribs (drool) in the slow cooker. So we headed out. We drove along the shore and I said, “We’ve never been to Jost Vinnery, let’s take a peek.” (Yes, Dear Bloggary, I said vinnery. I tried to say vineyard and winery at the same time and it came out vinnery. No, Dear Bloggary, I hadn’t had any vine…er, wine.)

A quick trip there and it was time for home…after waiting in the road construction line up. More car time than beach time, but a nice mother daughter trip.

That’s it for tonight, DearBloggary.




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