A Class Act

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Dear Bloggary:

Do I smell like whiskey? Yeah, I had a little accident at work today. (No, Dear Bloggary, I didn’t drown my troubles with a couple of belts.) I knocked a pint of whiskey on the floor. As I watched it fall, I thought, “At least it’s plastic, so it won’t break.” I was so naïve. Did you know that plastic caps explode when dropped? Well, consider yourself schooled. The cap flew across the room and hit the wall, while the amber liquid made a puddle on the floor. (No, Dear Bloggary, I didn’t dumped Pepsi on it…the floor likes its whiskey straight.)

So I met a nice couple from New Jersey tonight. They got a kick out of our loonies and toonies. I thought I was being charming as I explained the names of our Canadian money…until I tripped on my shoe lace and did a funky sort of chicken dance. (Klutz, thy name is Shannon. Funny, Dear Bloggary.) At least I left them with a silly story about this clumsy Canadian who smelled like whiskey. Yeah, I’m a class act. I wonder if they blogged about me.  Hmmm.

That’s it for tonight, Dear Bloggary.  This whiskey girl needs her beauty sleep.




3 thoughts on “A Class Act

  1. Okay, I just snorted reading about the shoelace chicken dance! Great post 🙂


  2. Erica Schatz says:

    I never thought about a cap popping off! Good to know. VERY good to know. 🙂


  3. That’s why it is important that you drain any contents before you drop it on the floor… I feel your pain, I smell of alcohol all of the time because of where I work. I never realised this until someone new pointed it out…For years I have been walking round the wine section in the supermarket thinking all the stares were on account of me having the company name on my clothes so people must think “hell, I bet she knows her shit when it comes to picking wine!” And all the time they were probably thinking I had an alcohol problem…..


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