What’s New?…Besides the year.

January 1st, 2013

Dear Bloggary:

Happy New Year! Sorry I’ve been absent for such a long stretch, but I’m back! Did you miss me? (That was a rhetorical question, Dear Bloggary, no need to get insulting.)

Last you heard from me I was in the midst of rehearsals for “Steel Magnolias”, and decided to put the blog on hold. (No, Dear Bloggary, I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, either…And the play was a huge success, thank you for asking.) Everyone did an excellent job in this production and I felt very good about my own performance. (Well, Dear Bloggary, I have to pat myself on the back, no one else will.)

I decided to get myself an early Christmas present this year. A cat. After Stephanie moved in with her boyfriend, and took her cat with her, I missed having a furry friend in the house. (Oh, sorry, Dear Bloggary, did I forget to mention that Stephie moved out and got engaged? Yeah, that happened. I will become a monster-in-law next fall.) Now to get back to my previous train of though. I went to the SPCA to adopt one of the harder to place cats, and found a two and a half – three year old female feline, Patches, whose name I changed to Pasha. ( Because, Dear Bloggary, it sounds more like a name and less like something used to cover a hole.) The poor little thing was in a room all by herself, because she freaked out around other cats and when I went in to meet her I immediately felt a kinship with her. (No, Dear Bloggary, I’m not quite as anti-social as that, but I certainly understand anxiety around others.) Her previous owner had been an elderly lady who went into a nursing home, and I’m not sure if she ever played with the cat, as Pasha didn’t seem to know how to play. And she jumped and ran away at any little noise or quick movement. And before she got used to her new home, she sometimes hissed and bit. (Yes, Dear Bloggary, she’s socially awkward like me.  And no, the biting and hissing did not go over well with Mark.)  She’s better now, as she plays with her toys and even cuddles on my lap. All she needed was a gentle hand and a soothing word. (Yes, Dear Bloggery, it worked on Mark, so why not a cat?) She even made nice to holiday company and visited with everyone.

Christmas time was busy, as usual, but it has come and gone, and now the task of packing up has come. (No, Dear Bloggary, packing up is not nearly as pleasant a chore as unpacking, but a necessity.) Now to get on with the  new year.

Farewell, 2012, thank you for all you have taught me. Welcome, 2013, as you offer me another year of possibilities.  Happy New Year to all who read these words. Cheers! To all of our possibilities. ♥

Talk to you soon,




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